Grooving Wheel For Invisible Settings

We provide grooving wheel for invisible setting grooving diamond . degree starts from 10 to 30 in step of 5 . The point sharpeness is as high as sharpen given by us .


We provide grooving wheel for invisible setting grooving diamond . degree starts from 10 to 30 in step of 5 . The point sharpeness is as high as sharpen given by us .

Invisible setting grooving wheel 

Invisible setting in which diamond fitted without appear from top side of jewelry . invisible setting is developed before many years .right now many people doing invisible setting jewelry invisible setting happen in both diamond and color stone . in invisible setting worker have to maintain deepness of groove. Groove is enough deep that it not fall out from jewelry if in a row of 10 diamond middle  diamond fall out then repairing of this jewelry is very costly and difficult to do the same as new. So worker have to pay attention of deepness of groove . in invisible setting too many methods of grooving is used depend of working principle of worker . in this many degree is used depend of size of diamond and color stone .For small size diamond generally 15 degree wheel is used . For larger diamond 20 degree wheel is used . we offer degree staring from 15 and goes up to 30 degree in step of 5 .in invisible grooving disc point of grooving wheel is very thin so maintaining of point is verynecessary if the point is chipped then not get good groove as you think so  before applying invisible grooving wheel worker have to examine edge of grooving wheel . we also provide sharpening facility for invisible grooving disc we have inhouse set up department for sharpening and regrind the point of invisible grooving disc . It takes 15 days to reach at your factory  after regrind of blade for overseas. we are not currently manufacture machine for invisible grooving but we have make contact for machine so if you have planning for new setup for invisible setting inhouse then mail us or message  us we provide all necessary things to your door step . we also have staff who guide you for invisible setting . groove deepness and size of groove for diamond . for stone invisible setting different blade is used so for your inquiry always you have to specify in which you are using this blade for stone or a diamond . more than 200 diamond can be groove with single sharpening and is also depending on how worker using the blade .This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs



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